Casein paint is a natural indoor paint with long traditions. Casein paint is a very suitable finishing for natural plasters, e.g. for lime and clay plaster. The paint leaves the plastered surfaces open for air movement and therefore creats a good microclimate in the rooms. It is suitable only indoors and in dry rooms. By using natural pigments it is possible to give different colours to the paint. With this durable paint you can cover all kinds of surfaces: plasters, wood, cardboard, stone. Our range of paints includes casein paint!


Clay paints are in different natural colours, it depends on on the clay used in the paint, but it is also possible to use pigments for achieveing different colours. Clay paint doesn't withstand mechanical stress, because the surface of the paint is coarse and full of pores. The paint can be used only in dry rooms. With clay paint you can cover all mineral and water absorbing surfaces. Our range of paints includes clay paint!

The adhesives of lime glue paint are lime putty and cellulose glue. Lime glue paint is more viscous than lime paint, it covers better and painting is somewhat easier. Natural colour is pure white. By adding pigments it is possible to create unique vivid surfaces. All natural plasters are good surfaces for the paint. It is a suitable paint for wet rooms. Our range of paints includes lime glue paint!

The adhesive and the filler of traditional lime paint is lime burnt in an oven under the ground, then slaked with water and afterwards kept under the ground for a long time. Natural colour of lime paint is pure white. By adding a pigment it is possible to achieve unique vivid surfaces. The best surfaces are plasters based on lime. It is also an only suitable possiblity for painitng lime plastered facades.

Chalk paint is the simpliest glue paint. The surface of chalk paint made by following the traditional recipe is not washable and may somewhat rub off. Simple glue paints are not very elastic, therefore they suit the best on stable surfaces: plasters, stone, gypsum boards, etc. Traditionally glue paint has been used for covering the ceilings of the rooms and staircases, and the upper parts of the walls of the staircases.


The adhesive of high-quality linseed oil paint is virgin linseed oil. Linseed oil paint absorbs deep into the surface and therefore has very sustainable qualities. Traditionally lineseed oil paint has been used for covering wooden facades, windows, doors and floors. With pigments it is possible to achieve many colours.

The adhesives of egg tempera are raw egg and linseed oil, the solvent is water. Natural egg tempera is translucent, by including fillers and pigments it is possible to achieve covering surfaces. Of natural paints egg tempera is one of the most wearproof and well washable paint, being suitable also for humid rooms. Suitable surfaces are wood and plasters.