In 2012 autumn/winter season we restored a front door in Allika street, and now, in summer 2013 the whole facade of Allika 4 got a new look. We renovated 400 m2 historicist wooden facade of this Lender type of house which is an architectural monument from the beginning of 20th century.

We began the negotiations with the representatives of the house already in 2010 when we offered our vision of restoring the house. We had a conservative opinion that it is not rational to take off all the wooden details of the house - the facade board and decorative details could be well restored on site. So we cleaned the board without removing it from the facade, except the boards with unsuitable profile which we replaced with old boards similar to the original. We removed the loose old oil paint mechanically, strongly attached paint we left on the wood. We primed and painted all the cleaned wooden surfaces with linseed oil paint.

The bottom of the house had old plaster, we removed loose plaster layers and we plastered it with hydraulic lime plaster. The final finishing was done with lime glue paint.

A year ago we restored the front door and the staircase and attic windows, now we restored the backdoor and the two windows of the the backside staircase. As usually we did it in a traditional way - removing the paint by heating, repairing the wood, and using putty and linseed oil paint for finishing.

We built a completely new basement entrance, from foundation to the roof, to the side facade. The door was an old door from our warehouse. To the backside entrance we built a new awning and we made new boundaries for the stare. Three smaller roofs got handmade zincic covering.

The facade works lasted a bit more than three months. There were working both - professionals and trainees. It was a pleasant variety to our each summer facade plastering works. We liked the smooth working process, quick solutions to the occured problems and the colourful result. The finishing project was made by Ave Laarmann.

We respect a lot the owners of Allika 4 apartments. Nowadays there are not many people who value the traditional materials and methods when renovating an old wooden house. We thank the OÜ Vealeidja and the department of Muinsuskaitse ja miljööalad in Tallinn for supervision.

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