From this year we are taking part of several local and international projects where we exchange our knowledge. We share our experiences about natural building, organising courses and a lot more and we get useful and interesting information from our partners.

On 1st June 2011 begun our big international project Experiences of Sustainable Building, where during two years all the partners organise several courses about sustainable building and visit the seminars and workshops organised by other partners. The partners are The Natural Building Company Oy from Finland, Föreningen Kulturand from Sweden, Kekava County Culture Agency and Niedru Jumti Ltd from Latvia, the financer is Nordplus Adult. With the project we hope to offer useful knowledge and skills for the adults about natural building and to exchange experiences between the partners about organising the courses.


The other international project is a two-year project Giving Breath to Buildings, financed by the Lifelong Learning Programme Leonardo da Vinci, where the partners are Italian institute IISS Notarangelo and Adiyaman University from Turkey. The aim of the project is to share to the students the knowledge about natural building. A business plan for founding a natural building company will be made..



Hopefully for us a very perspective project is Design solutions of salvage material and reuse material supported by Enterprise Estonia. The students of Estonian Academy of Arts Open Academy create during a autumn-winter course interesting design solutions for the salvage material offered by us.






We take part also of the social projects of NPO Pro Civitas, where we offer work training and courses for the long-time unemployed and for the young unemployed.

You can find more information from our webpage section PROJECTS!

Besides the named projects we continue searching for new cooperation forms to get new knowledge, to share our experiences and to bring into the life interesting ideas.