Project name: Experiences of Sustainable Building

Project duration: 1 June 2011 - 30 June 2013
Project financer: Nordplus Adult
Project coordinator: Säästvad Ehituslahendused Ltd.

The Natural Building Company Oy, Föreningen Kulturand, Kekava County Culture Agency, Niedru Jumti Ltd.

The aim of the project Experiences of Sustainable Building was to carry out joint development work within adult learning in the field of natural building. The purpose was to increase the knowledge of people about this topic and to develop their skills and also to share teaching methods and practical experiences of the project partners from the Nordic and Baltic countries. Within the project the quality of courses and methods for adults about natural building was improved.

The project Experiences of Sustainable Building was focused on developing the adult’s skill in the field of natural building and to share the teaching experiences between the project partners. The modern building industry uses very much energy and emits a lot of pollution, but building with natural materials is very environment-friendly and sustainable. It is important to inform people about those issues and to teach them the theoretical knowledge and practical skills of natural building – those skills are not difficult and everybody are able to use them.

For achieveing those aims we organised several courses for adult learners within our project. The courses covered very diverse topics of natural building, e.g. straw building, clay building, log building, natural plasters, natural paints, carpentry, restoration, renewable energy, etc. The courses took place in Estonia, Latvia, Finland and Sweden. All the project partners have experiences on natural building and/or adult learning.

As the outcome of the project there was created the webpage The webpage contains information about the project activities, theoretical information about natural building and texts with photos for practical learning.

The project was beneficial for the project partners, for the people taking part of the project’s activities and for the environment.

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