The Loode 14 house in Kassisaba, where we renovated the facade, has also one basement apartment with natural finishing where a yoga room is situated. It is a 58 m2 studio that we renovated completely.

After the last summer facade works we began to build a studio in the former housekeeper apartment in the basement of the same house. During the soviet times the apartment was used as a room for art classes and other hobby activities.

We did the renovation works during winter that is also our inside workshop season. Our plan was to combine the works with different courses. We organised lime plastering and tadelakt workshop, which had 16 participants. In addition we had one week of oven building workshop by Tõnis Turmann, a new oven of old tiles and clay bricks was built.

We plastered the stone walls of the apartment with lime plaster and painted with lime glue paint. We installed an hydrolic underfloor heating system and finished the floor with oak boards. We made the windowsills and the back wall of the kitchen surface of tadelakt. The windows and the door were in poor situation, we restored them traditionally and painted them with linseed oil paint.

For building the kitchen corner and shelves we cooperated with Since Design, company who makes furniture of old building materials. The wooden surface and doors of the kitchen were made of old floor boards from demolished houses that were built at the beginning of 20th century. On the same wall was built a wooden bench and shelf system. All the wooden surfaces were finished with Osmo oilwax.

It was a very nice renovation work where we could share our ideas and later fulfill them. We had a great cooperation with the yoga studio owners Sigrid and Inga. From the hands of our craftsmen and of the workshop participants a lot of good energy was put into the walls of the yoga studio that will reach to the yoga practicers.

The yoga room was opened on the 1st September 2013 with a small concert. The group trainings have begun! We have heard that the yoga practicers like the cozy atmosphere and the yoga teaching. You can find more information from

Comments from Inga and Sigrid:

As soon as we stepped into this basement with rotten floor boards we knew that this is the place where we come to create our yoga room. We waited for the building works with excitement. We had a general idea about the future yoga studio and the builders knew how to develop our vision with appropriate and stilish details. Of course there were some misunderstandigs during the work process, but this is natural in every cooperation. Thanks to the professionality of the Säästvad Ehituslahendused team we always reached a consensus calmly and constructively.

In the yoga room you can feel the good energy that many working hands and open hearts have put here during the building process. We get feedback almost every day that people want to return to this place, that the walls and atmosphere of the place are supporting their yoga practices. Thank you!

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