Our Lifelong learning programme Leonardo da Vinci project "Giving Breath to Buildings" has had again one meeting. This time it was in Estonia, on 13-17 May we hosted 10 Turks and 11 Italians. Our purpose was to introduce Estonian natural building and try it in practice. Good weather and beautiful Estonian nature helped to make the meeting very successful.

We spent the first half of the meeting in Esna manor and its nearby Sinioru. Each partner made a presentation about what has happened since last meeting in Italy. We intorduced Esna manor and Sinioru and we described the courses that we have carried out about natural building. The Turkish partner - Adiyaman Unifersity Faculty of Technology - demonstrated their old and new renewable energy solutions. The Italian partner Istituto d'Istruzione Superiore "Orazio Notarangelo-Giuseppe Rosati" showed the draft of the businesse plan. On main results of the project will be the business plan for a company that unites natural building and renewable energy in its activities.

On two days the partners had the possibility to practice natural building. We plastered with clay and lime plaster a pizzaoven and we made a wood shindles roof. Everybody worked with joy and the result was very beautiful!

The project meeting included also some trips. We visitied straw and clay buildings of Sven Aluste in Koordi village, he also carried out a small workshop about natural paints. In Tallinn we visited the Estonian Open Air Museum where the partners could see the historical Estonian buildings. And og course we walked around lot in old town of Tallinn.

There will be one more project meeting in Turkey. For this time we will finalise the business plan and also the projectblog. From the blog you can find the newest information about our project.

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