At the end of July in 2013 we had the final meeting of the Lifelong Learning Programme Leonardo da Vinci project "Giving Breath to Buildings". It took place in Turkey, Adiyaman and its purpose was to summarise all the project activities.

An important part of the activities were different seminars and conferences. The Italian partner, Istituto d'Istruzione Superiore "Orazio Notarangelo-Giuseppe Rosati", introduced the result of the project - the business plan - where is described founding an international enterprise of natural building and renewable energy. You can see the business plan here. The Turkish partner, Technology Faculty of Adiyaman University, carried out a conference where we summarised all the project activities and results.

In addition to the theoretical seminars we could see different devices working with solar energy and developed by the Turkish partner - solar dryers, field irrigation systems, etc.

We also got to know a bit of Adiyaman's history by visiting a museum and different historical buildings. Among other things we went to the ruins of Arsameia and Mount Nemrut. The ruins of Arsameia are from 3rd century BC, the historical statues at the top of the Mount Nemrut are from 1st century BC. Both are very impressive sights.

Beside the project activities we could enjoy the hospitality of the Turkish people, conversation between different cultures, delicious Turkish food and heat of 40 degrees. With this memorable meeting ended our two years long project, which one result has been the project blog. During the project we got many new experiences, we widened our knowledge and we introduced Estonian natural and traditional building abroad.

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