As usually, we had a big facade work in summer. This time in Kadriorg, Köleri 4. It is a big and beautiful Lender house where a lot of unique decoration style for wood has been used - wooden lace. We renovated altogether a little bit more than 400 m2.
We cleaned mechanically the paint of the entire wooden facade. The house had preserved some history with the holes of bullets and bombs from the war time. Even one bomb fragment was still inside the wood. Now we repaired the holes. We replaced the boards that were in very bad condition. We primed the cleaned boards and painted them with linseed oil paint in two layers.

The house has several wooden decorations like eaves lace, cornices, decorative rafter ends, etc. We repaired them all the same way as the facade board. We replaced the missing details with copies.

We restored the vaults of the basement windows. On the well preserved part of the basement we cleaned and coarsened the plaster. The part that was not well preserved we removed completely. We used lime cement plaster for the basement and we painted it with silicate paint.

The facade works lasted three months and the result is a beautiful colourful facade that decorates Kadriorg and values old wooden architecture.