In summers 2008, 2011 and 2012 our team went several times to Osmussaar for conserving the chapel there. The chapel was built in 1765 and was in a very bad condition, the biggest damage was caused by the World War II and by the occupation forces who used the stones of the chapel for building their military facilities. Only the tower of the chapel and the low walls of the nave remained. We gave our best that the remained parts of the chapel would stay beautiful for centuries.

The renovating works of the tower and walls of the chapel began for us in 2008 in cooperation with the successors of the Coastal Swedes of Osmussaar. We helped to dig out the wall, we erected the scaffolding, repaired the bomb hole and conserved the tower. In 2009 Rändmeister OÜ built the roof.

2010 was time for planning the thorough renovating of the chapel. The author of the conservation project was our good cooperation partner Lea Täheväli Stroh (OÜ Stroh Konsult), the customer was Odensholms Byalag (Village Association of Osmussaar).

There was a lot of work with the wall. We used 12 tons of lime plaster that we had to bring to the island with a small motorboat named Arabella, whose captain is Lipu Jaak - known for many people who travel to Osmussaar. The Swedes helped us on several works and in the evenings we had bonfire nights and singing. Our worker Jüri played the guitar and object chief Taavi liked to sing. The bonfire nights often began with the words "Oo-Oo O-O-Odensholm ..." (a song of the Coast Swedes about Osmussaar). These moments are worth of coming away from the town. This good emotion was of course energetically put into the work next day, that is the best recipe for ensuring the longevity of the buildings :)

To protect the wall from the weather we built a wooden roof to the gable ends that are connected with the tower. We covered the roof with a strong tar oil. An interesting solution from Lea Stroh was planting stonecrop between the limestone tiles layed inclide outwards on the low walls. The result was beautiful!

It was a long, educating and great experience that we had not had before. We are thankful for the trust of the successors of the people from Osmussaar and to their association Odensholms Byalag. Our especial thanks go to Lea Täheväli Stroh who was the chief of the conservation project of the chapel of Osmussaar and who gave us the opportunity and who demanded thoroughness from us. Many thanks also to the captain Jaak of the boat Arabella who drove us and our lime bags dozens of times on the rout Dirham-Osmussaar-Dirham and to the tractor owners from Osmussaar - Uno and Ervin.

Comments from Odensholms byalag: Odensholms byalag have over the years 2006-2012 conducted a project to restore the ruin of Jesus Chapel on Osmussaar. Project Manager has been Lea Täheväli Stroh who is a Consultant and Expert in building conservation. We have had a fantastic collaboration under her leadership. To prepare and preserve the walls and chapel tower, we engaged the company Säästvad Ehituslahendused OÜ. During the years 2008, 2011 and 2012 the professional men from the company worked on the restoration of the chapel. They have proved an impressive level of professional skills and performed the work in a very professional manner. They have restored the historically important building with great knowledge of the original materials and with respect to the old building techniques.

The company has had a very good cooperation with the Project Manager. They have been very accommodating and carried out the work strictly in accordance with what the Project Manager decided. They have also taken personal responsibility for the performance and often suggested good solutions for the issues and choices that have arisen during the restoration period. The cooperation with Odensholms byalag has been very good. The professional men from Säästvad Ehituslahendused OÜ has been very positive to work on Osmussaar and with good spirits lived in tents with no amenities. In spring 2008, they were quartered in an unfurnished house at the lighthouse with the people from the Odenholms byalag. The food was cooked by the village community on camping stoves to all 10 people, which they seemed to appreciate, and we hope that they felt full! We've have had nice times during meals together by the campfire and including a memorable May Day Eve with music and song.

The company has helped us with this project in many ways. For example, they helped us with the planting of yellow stonecrop and acquiring benches to the Ceremony of the completed conservation on August 5, 2012. Jüri and Taavi played guitar and sang a few beautiful Estonian folk songs during the Ceremony on August 5, which we appreciated. Byalaget have great confidence and trust in the professional men from Säästvad Ehituslahendused OÜ. We are very pleased with the result of restoration and can heartily recommend Säästvad Ehituslahendused OÜ for restoration work that requires great professional skills, flexibility and ability to work together to make a successful restoration.

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